Barbara A. Valley
National President 2018-2019

Barbara A. Valley of Danville, Ohio was elected AMVETS National Ladies Auxiliary President on August 11, 2018 in Orlando, Florida.  She is a life member of Auxiliary #95 in Mount Vernon.  Her theme for the year is “PUTTING VETERANS FIRST”.

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Good afternoon from warm and breezy Maryland.  Had a touch of rain this morning; 15th Friday out of 18 we’ve had rain.

If you visit the website this weekend and it is down it’s because there are updates galore!  The Convention Digest (NEC/CONVENTION TAB), Spring 2019 National Lines (PUBLICATIONS tab) as well as the National Constitution and Bylaws (PUBLICATIONS tab) will be posted.  We have taken out the bolded entries in the documents (CBl) and have cleaned them up.  NONE OF THE VERBIAGE HAS BEEN CHANGED.

All the Convention information available to me has been posted to the website and can be found under the NEC/CONVENTION tab.

Local Auxiliary and Department Revalidation time is upon us!  You can find the Officers Form on the website under the FORMS tab.  Local Auxiliaries – please send your revalidation information to your Department who will in turn send it to us.  Please be sure to fill out all the mandatory information, front and back, and send your IRS Form 990, too.  Be advised that all indebtedness to the National organization(s) must be paid in full to have eligible delegates seated at National Convention.

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