February - Scholarship Month

March - PAWS with a Cause Month

April - John Tracy Clinic Month

October - Freedoms Foundation Month

November - St. Jude Children's Research Hospital Month


February, March, April, October and November are dedicated to the above programs to encourage chairmen to promote these National programs.


The purpose of these "Special months" is:

      -     to give the members of AMVETS Ladies Auxiliary a better understanding of the National program through scheduling            special activities and events at their Department and Auxiliary meetings.

     -     to obtain publicity in the newspaper, radio and TV to make the community aware of the support AMVETS

     -     to make an extra effort to raise funds for that program.




The definition of "hospital" as used in the AMVETS Ladies Auxiliary Hospital program: A Hospital is defined as: any institution providing health care services to the physically and mentally ill; this includes nursing homes and convalescent homes (when medically staffed).


The Hospital Program of AMVETS Ladies Auxiliary is diversified in so far as it is carried on in all types of hospitals and nursing care facilities BUT unified in its objective to bring cheer and diversion to the hospitalized veterans, their dependents and the community it serves.


The bulk of volunteer service is given in Veterans Affairs Medical Centers across the country under the direction of our VAVS Representatives. To learn what your group can do to assist in the VA Medical Center Program, contact your Department Representative or Department Hospital Chairman. The need of the hospitals vary, but there is something for all to do. While your members may not be available to serve actual time at the Center, there is a need for refreshments and other comfort items {i.e. books, magazines, games, etc.}, which can be made or collected at home. REMEMBER that any services to the VA Medical Center must be channeled through the VAVS Representative. Volunteers serving hours in the hospital work in many capacities -recreation, therapy, record keeping, wheelchair service, socializing, etc. The assignments are many -the volunteers too few. Urge your members to take the VA Medical Center Indoctrination Course. Your group may also sponsor specific events such as dances, picnics, games, parties, stage shows, outings, etc. - the possibilities are unlimited. Often times, there is a need at the hospital for television sets, electric shavers, etc., which can be donated by your group.


Hospital programs are also carried out in nursing care facilities and community, county and state hospitals. Contact should be made with the institutions in your area to learn of their needs, which often parallel the needs of the VA Medical Centers. Interest your Junior AMVETS and other youths in volunteering their time to hospital service. The age requirement of youth volunteers vary from hospital to hospital, so check with the hospital.


Reward the service of your volunteers by presenting the AMVETS National Ladies Auxiliary Hospital Pin and Hour Bars as specified under Incentive Awards in the AMVETS Ladies Auxiliary Manual.


Hospital Programs


AMVETS Because We Care Day - Held the first Wednesday in April in all VA Medical Centers between the hours of 2:00 p.m. and 8:00 p.m.


AMVETS Matching Funds Program - AMVETS National Service Foundation has a program by which AMVETS Ladies Auxiliary can apply for matching funds to help sponsor programs at local VA Medical Centers, State Veterans Homes and VA Contract Nursing homes. The main qualification for matching funds is that the Auxiliary involved must select a project costing at least $1,000 but not more than $5,000. The Auxiliary must then contribute at least half of the project's total cost. There is a list of projects that may receive favorable consideration and matching funds are subject to funds available. (Contact the Department Hospital Chairman or VAVS Representative for complete details and the required forms.)


AMVETS Personal Care Kits - These kits can be purchased inexpensively and can be used at carnivals, bingo parties, distributed on Because We Care Day', etc. [Order forms and other details available for the Department Hospital Chairman.]


Salute to Hospitalized Veterans Week - This salute is a program sponsored by VA and is held the week in February that contains Valentine's Day. To participate in this program contact the Department Hospital Chairman or the VAVS Representative


Meal Mates


Adopt a Veteran Program


St. Jude's Children's Research Hospital - Opened in 1962 and is the first institution established for the sole purpose of conducting basic and clinical research into catastrophic childhood diseases, mainly cancer. It is the largest childhood cancer research center in the United States in terms of number of patients enrolled and successfully treated. St. Jude's, which is non-sectarian, treats children without regard to race, religion, creed or the ability to pay. Families who have no insurance are never asked to pay.


AMVETS Ladies Auxiliary supports the St. Jude's Children's Research Hospital, Memphis, Tennessee through its donations. Auxiliaries, Departments and individual members can donate to the St. Jude's Hospital fund. A check is presented annually to St. Jude's Hospital for Children for all the donations received at National Headquarters during the year.


All donations to National Programs are sent through the Department to National Headquarters and must be received by May 30 to be included in the National Convention Book and included in the current year's presentation. All donations to St. Jude's Children's Research Hospital should be reported on the Local Auxiliary or Department Hospital Service Report Form.




Bingo Parties


Off-station parties for the hospitalized veterans - Compassionate Action for those veterans who have no one to care about them in the last days of their lives or who would be able to attend their funeral. Volunteers can make a compassionate difference to these Veterans, as no Veteran deserves to be alone at this time.


Youth Volunteers


James H. Parke Scholarship - The VAVS National Advisory Committee handles the "James H. Parke Memorial Youth Scholarship Award," which is awarded annually at a luncheon held during the Annual meeting of the VAVS National Advisory Board. AMVETS Ladies Auxiliary supports this scholarship with donations from members, Auxiliaries and Departments. All donations to National Programs are sent through the Department to National Headquarters and must be received by May 30 to be included in the National Convention Book and included in the current year's presentation. All donations to James H. Parke Scholarship should be reported on the Local Auxiliary or Department Hospital Service Report Form. The James H. Parke Memorial Youth Scholarship program was named for James H. Parke. Mr. Parke was the first Director of Voluntary Service and the founding father of the Department of Veterans Affairs Voluntary Service (VAVS) National Advisory Committee [NAC]. The James H. Parke Memorial Fund was established in 1976 to serve as a source of funds for a VAVS staff and Veteran's organizations contribute to the fund. Candidates for this scholarship may be nominated by each VA Medical Center. To be eligible, candidates must have completed 100 hours of regularly scheduled volunteer service as a VAVS Youth Volunteer during the calendar year of the award prior to August 15, and have not reached their 20th birthday. More information about the James H. Parke Memorial Scholarship Award may be obtained by contacting the National VAVS Chairman.


At Home Program - For those who cannot go to the hospital but can make items at home for use in the hospitals or nursing home or for use in any of the Auxiliary's.


Regular Scheduled volunteers - Check with the VAVS Representative for a list of assignments the hospital has for those who wish to volunteer on a regular basis.




Definition of Americanism:  "Americanism is the unfailing love of country; loyalty to its institutions and ideals; eagerness to defend it against all enemies; undivided allegiance to the flag; and a desire to secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and posterity." -- Author Unknown


While the need for a sound, positive Americanism program is basic to the Objectives of AMVETS Ladies Auxiliary; the intent is lost unless all members actively participate as purposeful citizens. Let the community you serve know that members of AMVETS Ladies Auxiliary are responsible citizens by sponsoring and participating in projects that will strengthen the "Democratic Way of Life" and preserve freedom for mankind. Americanism MUST be and SHOULD be a large part of your overall programming. Categorically, our Americanism program is threefold:


     -     Positive Americanism

     -     People to People

     -     Citizenship.


The projects that can be carried out are unlimited.


Positive Americanism


     -     Present flags and flag information brochures to schools, institutions and other youth groups.

     -     Present flag programs in your local schools.

     -     Sponsor AMVETS and AMVETS Ladies Auxiliary Americanism Essay Contests for sixth, ninth, eleventh and twelfth grades.

     -     Sponsor AMVETS and AMVETS Ladies Auxiliary Americanism Poster Contest for third and fifth grade students.

     -     Support the AMVETS and AMVETS Ladies Auxiliary Americanism Flag Poster Drawing Contest for fourth grade students.

     -     Send a tenth grade student to AMVETS National Youth Leadership Seminar held at Freedoms Foundation in Valley Forge in November.

     -     Give a scholarship or partial scholarship to a teacher to attend the summer Graduate Seminars at Freedoms Foundation.

     -     Support Freedoms Foundation


Freedoms Foundation


Located in Valley Forge, Pennsylvania, Freedoms Foundation is dedicated to effectively communicating to young people, the principles upon which our nation was founded and the balance of rights and responsibilities of citizens in today's increasingly diverse society. It was established in 1949 by prominent business leaders to honor patriotism and good citizenship. Freedoms Foundation educational and awards programs reach people from all walks of life. Each year students from all walks of life take part in educational programs that include U.S. history, constitutional rights and citizen's responsibilities, core values and the private enterprise system. In addition, elementary and secondary school educators participate in seminars and workshops on effective techniques for teaching citizenship related topics in contemporary society.


     -     Promote "Love America Week" during the week of Veteran's Day.

     -     Distribute historical documents to schools, etc., such as the Declaration of Independence, Bill of Rights, etc.

     -     Pledge of Allegiance Day - April 30th or last school day in April - 1:30 p.m. EST

     -     Support the Vietnam Veterans Memorial

     -     Support the Chapel of Four Chaplains.


The Chapel of Four Chaplains


A nonprofit organization, The Chapel of Four Chaplains was established to encourage cooperation and selfless service among all people. The Chapel exists to further the cause of "Unity without Uniformity," and symbolizes the strength found in unity with one another and with God. The inspiration for the Chapel and its mission comes from the courageous acts for the four Army Chaplains who were serving aboard the USAT DORCHESTER when it was hit by enemy torpedo and sank in the North Atlantic on February 3, 1943. Through the tireless efforts of the Reverend Daniel Poling, father of Chaplain Poling, and with help from countless organizations and individuals, the Chapel was dedicated on February 3, 1951 by President Harry S. Truman. In his dedication speech, the President said "This interfaith shrine will stand through long generations to teach American that as men can die heroically as brothers so should they live together in mutual faith and good will."


     -     Develop a Youth Volunteer Program to assist the Auxiliary with Americanism programs.

     -     Attend the AMVETS National Ladies Auxiliary Seminar at Freedoms Foundation.




     -     Sponsor pen pals in foreign countries

     -     Send used greeting cards

     -     Give your support to: CARE, Project HOPE, Freedom from Hunger Foundation and UNICEF

     -     Sponsor an Amerasian child through the Pearl S. Buck Foundation




     -     Sponsor "Get Out And Vote" campaigns

     -     Urge Auxiliary members to vote in all elections

    -     Encourage Auxiliary members to support legislative matters, which might be sent from Department and National Legislative Officers through petitions, letter writing or telegrams.

     -     Sponsor Citizen Day programs

     -     Offer assistance to new citizenship classes.

     -     Become a part of any patriotic council in the community

     -     Assist with new voter registration

     -     Participate in community and state patriotic holiday programs

     -     Sponsor and participate in Patriotic Parades


Serve Our Servicemen and Women


Service to our servicemen and women is equally important in peacetime as in war. It has been instituted for the purpose of bringing assistance, help, cheer, etc., to those serving our country. But most important, to let our service people know we care and appreciate the service they are giving to their country. SOS is an Americanism project and reported accordingly.


     -     There are many way to remember those in service to their country:

     -     Present writing kits and toilet articles as they leave for service.

     -     Keep in touch with men and women of your community who are in service, remember them on holidays, birthdays and a subscription to the local newspaper is always appreciated.

     -     If there is a U.S.O. center in your area, contact it to see how your Auxiliary can help. The U.S.O. needs volunteers and items, so there is much you can do.

     -     Send food and comfort packages to those overseas.

     -     Make any service man or woman, who is visiting your area, feel welcome - invite them to your home and to your Post Home for scheduled activities and the use of your facilities.

     -     Letters mean a lot to anyone away from home - many without families, sponsor letter writing projects.




All donations to AMVETS National Ladies Auxiliary Scholarship Fund are sent to National Ladies Auxiliary Headquarters by the Department Secretary. National Headquarters has donation cards, which are used to make a donation in the name of a deceased person, or to remember them on other occasions, birthdays, anniversaries, job promotion, etc. Donations are sent to National Headquarters and an acknowledgment card is sent to the family of the deceased or to the person being remembered stating a donation has been made in their name.


Approximately six thousand ($6,000.00) dollars is awarded yearly in scholarships. AMVETS National Ladies Auxiliary offers scholarships to a member's son, daughter or grandchild, and to members of AMVETS Ladies Auxiliary. All Local Auxiliary and Departments have the privilege of participating in the National Scholarship Fund.


Members of AMVETS Ladies Auxiliary should assist AMVETS in promoting their various scholarships on the National and Department levels. The Driver's Challenge Program, Nursing Scholarship, those offered to children of deceased veterans, and children of disabled veterans. Full particulars for all AMVETS Scholarships are available from AMVETS National Headquarters, Programs Department, 4647 Forbes Boulevard, Lanham, Maryland, 20706.


AMVETS Ladies Auxiliary National Scholarship


Two (2) scholarships of $1,000 each and three (3) to five (5) scholarships of $750 are available to members and their children. Applicants must be in at least her/his second year of under graduate study at an accredited college or university.


Career Start Scholarships


One (1) to three (3) $500 scholarships will be awarded. Members of AMVETS Ladies Auxiliary who are re-entering the work force and need new or different skills or need to update their skills should apply. Applicants must have completed at least one semester/quarter of study at an accredited technical college, business college, college or university.


College Support Scholarship


A possible total of two [2] scholarships of $500 each may be awarded. Applicants must be a son, daughter or grandchild of a member of AMVETS Ladies Auxiliary and must be graduating high school senior who has been accepted to an accredited college or university.


Scholarship applications can be obtained from AMVETS National Ladies Auxiliary Headquarters. Completed applications should be sent to AMVETS National Ladies Auxiliary Headquarters, marked to the attention of the National Scholarship Officer and postmarked no later than June 1. Scholarship winners are announced at the National Convention.

Scholarship Chairmen are urged to support the Scholarship programs offered by National, Department and in their own Locals by their contributions and by encouraging students to enter for the available scholarships. If your Local does not have a Scholarship Program, you are encouraged to establish one.


Remember all work in promoting scholarships on any level is reported as a separate program under Scholarship.

Department and Local Scholarship Officers should:


     -     Explain to the membership what scholarships are available.

     -     Include in your scholarship presentation the scholarships of AMVETS, subordinate organizations of AMVETS and AMVETS Ladies Auxiliary, Department and appropriate Local Auxiliaries.

     -     Send copies of the scholarship applications to the financial office of colleges in your area.

     -     Locate members who may be considering going back into the work force and tell them about Career Start Scholarship.

     -     Tell any member who is looking for a job or who needs to up-date her skills to get another position about our Career Start Scholarship.

     -     Find out if any member is planning to return to school at the undergraduate level and let her know that AMVETS Ladies Auxiliary has scholarships for members who are in undergraduate programs.

     -     Does a member have children or grandchildren in college at the undergraduate level? Tell them that AMVETS Scholarship for undergraduate studies is available to their children and grandchildren.

     -     Have a special scholarship cake for the February meeting. Each member who donates fifty-cents {$.50} to the National Scholarship fund gets a piece of this special cake. Somewhere in the cake could be hidden a marker, something that will not harm anyone. The member who gets the piece with the marker in it gets a prize. Members can collect fifty cents {$.50} from their families, friends, and neighbors so that they can get several opportunities to win the prize. This is just a suggestion. No doubt you can think of many, many ways to make a few dollars for the Scholarship Fund and celebrate Scholarship month at the same time. Just a thought to keep in mind. If every member donated one ($1.00} dollar towards the National Scholarship Fund what wonderful scholarship programs AMVETS Ladies Auxiliary could develop.

     -     Urge members to use the AMVETS Ladies Auxiliary donation card, when it is appropriate, to make a donation in memory of someone or to honor someone in a special way. These donations can be reported on the Scholarship Service report form.

     -     Make your report or presentation special for February. You might want to wear a cap and gown, present diplomas or carnations or develop your own method of getting the members attention and giving them information that will be of interest to them.

     -     Have Sunday brunch and invite a high school or college counselor to be the guest speaker. The topic that you might ask the guest speaker to address is "Preparing for College".

     -     Special Fund raisers:

          -     Walk-a-thon

          -     Bike-a-thon

          -     Rock-a-thon

          -     Silent auction

          -     Progressive raffle




Child Welfare


Any activity or project that benefits ONLY children is considered Child Welfare and is reported as such. Child Welfare is close to the heart of every member of AMVETS Ladies Auxiliary. Projects to provide for the welfare and well being of children are unlimited. Learn the needs in the community and sponsor projects, which will provide comfort, assistance, and love that is often needed to make life worthwhile.


Suggested Child Welfare projects


     -     John Tracy Clinic: A National program, that through donations from members, Auxiliaries and Departments, helps sponsor correspondence courses, which are provided by the John Tracy Clinic, for hearing impaired preschool children. Auxiliaries are asked to plan one function that benefits this program each year. This project should receive promotion and publicity in the local newspaper, radio stations and local TV stations. All donations for the John Tracy Clinic should be forwarded through the Department to National Headquarters.

     -     Sponsor projects in orphanages and children's homes.

     -     Sponsor a child providing her/his personal needs.

     -     Sponsor Scout troops, baseball, football, soccer, etc.

     -     Assist underprivileged children with:

          -     clothing

          -     dental care

          -     medical expenses

          -     school milk programs

          -     school supplies

          -     recreational entertainment

     -     Sponsor holiday parties for underprivileged institutionalized children

     -     Contact Local or State Juvenile Courts to learn how the Auxiliary can help children in trouble.

     -     Sponsor summer playground activities

     -     Donate playground equipment

     -     Support or sponsor community youth center. Make the Post home (with AMVETS approval) available for youth dances, games and parties

     -     Volunteer, in the name of AMVETS Ladies Auxiliary, for authorized agencies such as Muscular Dystrophy, Cerebral Palsy, etc. (If the service is for children only.)

     -     Assist AMVETS in its AADAA Program for kindergarten through l2th grade by addressing substance abuse in schools. Assist with the AADAA poster contest. (AADAA -AMVETS Against Drug and Alcohol Abuse)




The prime purpose of the Worchid program is to see that the children of deceased veterans are not forgotten and that AMVETS AND AMVETS Ladies Auxiliary assumes responsibility for these children.


A Worchid is the child of a deceased veteran who would have been eligible for AMVETS. This includes a parent (father or mother) who died in service, or has died since becoming discharged, whether the death was service connected or from natural causes.


The name Worchid (pronounced War Kid) is a combination of War Kids and orchids, the most precious flower the world knows. The word Worchid expresses the feelings that AMVETS and the Auxiliaries have for the children of deceased veterans. Names of widows and children can be obtained from the Local Veterans Commission as well as by word of mouth, news releases, churches, etc.


When the name of a Worchid is obtained, a letter of introduction should be sent to the surviving parent or guardian explaining that we are engaged in the performance of a trust. We are not offering or extending charity, unless the financial status warrants such. We are performing a service. Our organization is fully equipped and is ready to give advice on all Federal and State benefits to which a deceased veteran's family may be entitled. The AMVETS Service Officer will assist the Auxiliary in carrying out this program. In the aforementioned manner.


Other services that can be given are:


     -     Inviting the children to parties, circus, ball games, etc.

     -     Sponsor a vacation at camp

     -     Remembering them on holidays, birthdays with cards and gifts.

     -     Include the child/children in family activities

     -     For the older child

     -     Arrange parties to the theater, ice shows, picnics, etc.


To strengthen contacts with the Worchids, be sure they are invited to join Junior AMVETS or to become Youth Volunteers in Auxiliary programs.


The Worchid program is reported under the Child Welfare program.


Community Service


Any activity or project that benefits adults or both children and adults in the community is considered Community Service and is reported as such. It is important that AMVETS Ladies Auxiliary become involved in the community it serves by contributing towards the welfare of all its people. Groups are recognized for what they do -become known and recognized in your community through the service work of the Auxiliary.


Suggested Community Service Projects


     -     Paws With A Cause®

A National program, that through donations from members, Auxiliaries and Departments, helps sponsor trained dogs, which are provided by the PAWS With A Cause® Foundation, for hearing impaired and mobility impaired handicapped people. Auxiliaries are asked to plan one function that benefits this program each year. This project should receive promotion and publicity in the local newspaper, radio stations and local TV stations. All donations for the PAWS With A Cause® Foundation should be forwarded through the Department to National Headquarters.

     -     Attend local council meetings and make AMVETS Ladies Auxiliary an organization for good government.

     -     Assist and support community health clinics

     -     Cooperate with the local Safety Council

     -     Promote safety programs such as:

     -     bicycle safety

     -     pedestrian safety

     -     driving safety

     -     school patrols

     -     Provide assistance for underprivileged families - food, clothing, home furnishing, transportation, fuel, medical care, etc.

     -     Assistance to the blind - i.e. Pilot Dog, Inc., New Eyes for the Needy, etc.

     -     Cooperate with fund raising for local and national agencies - United Fund, Easter Seals, TB Seals, March of Dimes, Heart, Hurricane, Flood or Tornado Relief.

     -     Sponsor community clean-up campaigns

     -     Sponsor Senior Citizen activities - provide transportation, invite them to the Post Home for meals and recreational programs.

     -     Special Olympics for the Handicapped (VSP -Very Special People)

     -     Plan programs at a Ronald McDonald House